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PSHE delivers a valuable programme of topics


Actively encouraging girls to think objectively, widen their general knowledge and become confident, balanced and informed members of the community.

Through our PSHE Programme we will:

  • Empower our girls to identify and assert their own values and aims.
  • Ensure our girls have the knowledge and skills to achieve their goals.
  • Enable our girls to navigate both school and the wider world safely.
  • Give our girls the knowledge and guidance they need to safeguard their own mental and physical health.

The PSHE Programme

A wide range of age-appropriate topics are delivered across all year groups. Students receive timetabled lessons delivered by staff as well as a 'Drop-Down Day' with staff and external providers. The curriculum is organised around the government's statutory PSHE and RSE content, ensuring the girls are fully prepared for school, the wider world and life beyond QM. We run a spiral curriculum; topics are covered again in different year groups in more detail and in an age appropriate manner. The topics taught include:

Year I
Transition and Safety
Skills and Aspirations
Building Relationships
Health and Puberty
Financial Decision Making

Year II
Drugs and Alcohol
Identity and Relationships
Community and Careers
Digital Literacy
Emotional Wellbeing

Year III

Peer Influence and Gangs
Intimate Relationships
Setting Goals
Respectful Relationships
Healthy Lifestyle
Employment Skills and Rights

Year IV
Mental Health
Healthy Relationships
Extremism and Radicalisation
Financial Decision Making
Exploring Influence

Year V

Building for the Future
Personal Safety


Health and Wellbeing
Respectful Relationships
Readiness for Work
Safety and Diversity


Intimate Relationships
Maintaining Relationships

A more detailed overview of the PSHE curriculum can be found in our PSHE and RSE Policy, which is available on the Our Policies page.

I've really enjoyed the PSHE 'drop down' days as we get to hear from different external speakers about a range of really interesting and relevant topics.

QM Girl

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