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Years I-IV - Chatter, fun and friendship

Warwick House

Warwick House will be our accommodation for students in Years I-IV. Students live with others of their own age, yet have the opportunity to socialise with all girls in Years I-IV as part of the lively Warwick House community in the heart of the school.

Warwick House Boarding

Warwick House is our accommodation for students in Years I-IV, offering a busy boarding community right in the heart of the school. Girls live with others of their age groups in two separate but joined wings of the House.

Whether girls stay for one night a week, or for the whole term as part of our Bespoke Boarding options, they are part of a lively community where friendships between the year groups can easily be fostered.

Warwick House Wings

Warwick House is the collective name for two separate but joined wings inside the main school building. Students board in dorms with others of their age and have the chance to make friends across the younger year groups.

Scarborough Wing | Years I-III

Scarborough Wing is our boarding accommodation for Years I-III.

Years I and II share dorms and have their own dedicated common room.

Year III girls have their own dorms and a dedicated common room.

Atholl Wing | Year IV

Year IV students live together in Atholl Wing. They share dorms as a year group and also have a dedicated common room.

Warwick House Boarding

What will boarding in Warwick House be like?

Busy: Years I-IV are housed under one roof, meaning on any given evening Warwick House thrives with a great mix of boarders. Whether girls board all week or any other number of nights per week under our Bespoke Boarding options, they will be joining a thriving community of students with evening and weekend activities, the chance to socialise, and the time to study.

Horizontal Boarding: We have seen first-hand the immense benefits that horizontal boarding brings to our junior boarders, and the quality of the friendships that girls develop. Boarding in Warwick House means girls live within their own age group, yet have the chance to socialise with girls in other years.

Convenient: A central base for our girls means they can easily pop back to their dorms to retrieve books needed for the rest of the day. Sports participation is also be easier as changing facilities is provided within Warwick House itself.

Supportive: House staff and Senior Tutors are based in Warwick House, ensuring that the key support staff for the girls are close by and easily accessible.

Inspirational: Girls in Years III and IV have the chance to take positions of responsibility as School Monitors and House Monitors. This will allow Year I and II girls to learn the values of school from the girls in the year groups above them.

Boarding Culture: We offer nurturing support for all of our boarders, in particular the youngest of our students. There are many favourite traditions including evening toast with house staff, ‘fairy lights’ before bedtime, ‘birthday whispers’, and more.

House Staff and Senior Tutors

Each wing of Warwick House is supported by dedicated house staff, meaning every student has immediate access to the advice, support or assistance they need. Each wing has its own Assistant Housemistress and Graduate Assistant. There is also be a Senior Tutor co-located in each House.

Ms Jill Roe, Warwick House Housemistress

Jill Roe has been a Housemistress at QM for seven years. She has spent her time here as Housemistress for Years II, III and IV and has enjoyed developing and nurturing strong relationships with all the girls in her care. Since joining the school she is especially proud of constantly evolving the boarding house to be a home from home for the wonderfully diverse groups of girls who choose QM.

Jill Roe

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