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The Timetable is tailored by year group

Plan of the Day

Take a look at the plan of the day here...

Monday - Friday

08:15 – 09:00Registration and Assembly/Chapel/Tutorials
09:00 – 09:55Period 1
10:00 – 10:55Period 2
10:55 – 11:15Break
11:15 – 12:10Period 3
12:10 – 13:30Lunch
13:30 – 13:40


13:40 – 14:35Period 4
14:40 – 15:35Period 5
15:35 - 15:55Break
15:55 – 16:50Period 6
16:50 – 17:50Enrichment


08:45 – 09:00Registration
09:00 – 09:50Period 1
09:55 – 10:45Period 2
10:45 – 11:10Break
11:10 – 12:00Period 3

If you'd like to find out more information about Queen Margaret's, see our Family Handbook.

This page contains essential information about the school day, uniform, food, boarding, curriculum, communication, the board of governors, and much more.


Quick Reference Contacts

Our School
Aims, Values, Vision
History of the School
What Makes QM Unique
The Structure of the Year and Daily Schedules
Weekend Permissions
Rules, Rewards and Sanctions
School Policies

Our People
Senior Leadership Team
Senior Tutors
Prefects and Monitors
Old Margaretian Association
Friends of QM

Girl Communication
Parent Communication
Parent Portal
Parent Contact List
The QM Tutor

Uniform and Equipment
Uniform Years I - V
Sixth Form Dress Code and Uniform
Sports Kit
Digital Technology

Prep Expectations
Assessment and Reporting
Parent Meetings
QM Diplomas
University Support and Careers

Health and Spiritual Wellbeing
Worship at QM
Health and Wellbeing Centre
Food and Nutrition

Vertical House System
Extracurricular Activities
Educational Trips and Study Tours

Boarding Houses
Boarding Staff
Guardian Angels
Community Weekends
Signing In and Out
Staying Out
Duties and Laundry
Pocket Money
Fire Safety
Searching and Confiscation
Visitors in School

International Information
Travel to UK
Child Student Visa Compliance
Education Guardians
Medical Insurance
Contact with Home
English as an Additional Language

Fees and Charges



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