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Friendships forged at QM last a lifetime

Lifelong Friendships

A wonderful step back through memory lane. See below the thoughts of both current and former girls and hear how they are now bound in a support network for life.

Hear what our former girls have to say..

"The friendships were very, very deep and close, and very valuable at the time. Perhaps they provided one with a sort of pattern and measure of what friendship can be like, and in the friendships that I’ve developed later on, I have always looked for and valued the same degree of getting to know the other person and being willing to share things with them."

Elisabeth Hutchings (Henderson, 1954-1961):

"I suppose the very best thing was making friends. I made wonderful friends at QM who are still great friends, we still get together and reminisce. Very sadly my best friend, Caroline Peltzer who was the Head Girl when I was Deputy, she died about, oh it must be about seven or eight years ago now – she was a terrific friend, and we had a lot of fun. A lot of fun, and I’m sure I learnt a bit along the way as well!"

Elspeth Lewis (Armstrong, 1961-1968)

"The Theatre and Dance Studio were very special places to me. I used to go there in an evening with my friends and we would make up dances, drama scenes and just be creative in general. It always felt like such a safe space to chill out and forget about the academic side of school for a while."

Georgie Deri (2013-2018)

Hear what our current girls have to say...

"The School has encouraged me to strive to be the best I can be, whilst also ensuring that good values and kind behaviour are at the heart of everything I do."

Christabel, LVI

"When I joined QM I knew nobody but now I basically know every single person and I wouldn't have been able to do it without the Community Weekends which bring everybody together."

Georgina, Year III

Friendship in pictures...

Thank you for making our 20 year reunion so special - the attention to detail and care on the day made the event even more memorable.

Old Margaretian

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