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Providing a holistic education underpinned by warm-hearted pastoral care

Our Values

As one of the leading independent all girls schools in Yorkshire we provide a holistic education, underpinned by warm-hearted pastoral care.

Queen Margaret's School - Our Values

As a forward-thinking independent school, we will empower your daughter to develop and flourish in her academic learnings whilst making the most of all the co-curricular enrichment opportunities available.

Aims of the School

QM girls take advantage of the School’s vibrant and complementary programme of studies and activities. In doing so, they will:

  • Achieve excellence inside and outside the classroom
  • Develop an enthusiasm for independent thought, learning and research
  • Grow with emotional maturity, social awareness and respect for individuality and difference
  • Forge special friendships that will stay with them for the rest of their lives
  • Be interesting, well-informed, happy and confident members of the community.

You can learn more about our curriculum here.

Values of the School

  • Commitment and Excellence
  • Honesty and Openness
  • Bravery and Resilience
  • Kindness, Respect and Tolerance
  • Friendship, Fairness and Fun.

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