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Introducing Head Girl Megan Bainbridge

Head Girl

To be Head Girl at QM is an honour like no other, as you get to represent a school that encourages brilliance, confidence, being unique and of course kindness and maturity.

This will be my seventh year at QM and I am so happy at the confident person I have become over this time. There are so many things I enjoy about QM, whether it is chatting to the younger years in house meetings, hearing an anecdote from many of our teachers or simply taking the time to relax with friends over tea and toast.

I am studying Biology, History and Physical Education for my A levels. I love my subjects as they give my day much variety and I have been passionate about these subjects for several years, so it's lovely to delve deeper into them. All my teachers are so supportive and endearing and really do make the lessons great. The teachers are there to share their knowledge and enthusiasm for their subject and always have topic-linked documentaries and research websites to browse in your free time.

I am a flexi border, staying mostly on Fridays or whenever I need to because of my busy schedule. There are no barriers between day girls, flexis or boarders at QM. I have always loved staying at school, it initially felt like a huge sleepover, but as time went on it felt like a home from home. The house staff are extremely caring and passionate about their work and are always up for a chat.

QM has provided several extracurricular activities for me to take part in ever since my first year. I am currently involved in Orchestra, Wind Band, the Lost Sock Funk and Soul Group, trumpet lessons, Netball, Mavericks, Strength and Conditioning, Lacrosse, and Horse Riding.

I gained a music scholarship for trumpet in Year One and have never looked back. The memories I have made with the incredibly talented music students and staff will be cherished forever and I cannot recommend them enough. The sports department has also been like another family for me, helping transform me from an extremely long-limbed and clumsy GK in netball to a lacrosse Scholar, the captain for the U19A Yorkshire lacrosse team, a netball player who can go in any position, and several more achievements. They are a hard-working team who get the best from you and your sport.

After QM I would love to get a degree in sports sciences, further developing my knowledge and love for Biology and Physical Education which will eventually lead me to teach in a school very much like QM where I hope to instil a passion for sports into students, just like QM has done for me.

Megan Bainbridge

Head Girl

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