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Fees & Fee Remissions 2016/2017

Core fees

  • Boarders £9,950 per term (£29,850 per annum)
  • Day Girls £6,530 per term (£19,590 per annum)

Overnight Stays

All nights spent by Day Boarders in School are chargeable with the exception of:
•    The first two nights of each term, and
•    All Friday nights and/or the last night before leave out/half term

The charges for 2016/2017 are:
•    £40/night for the first two nights stayed each week (Monday to Sunday).  This is not aggregated across a term.
•    £50/night for each additional night in a week
•    £20 for a Saturday night if your daughter also stays on Sunday of that weekend

The School does not currently impose a maximum number of nights that a Day Boarder may stay in a week, a term or across the school year before we ask that they become Full Boarders as we are aware that occasionally circumstances mean that it is reasonable for a girl to stay more often than normal. However, the number of nights stayed is monitored to ensure that girls who should be Full Boarders are identified and charged as such to ensure all parents contribute fairly to the cost of their daughter attending QM.

Other Charges

Extra subjects and activities will incur additional charges (eg private dance, tennis, riding and music lessons). Please contact the Admissions Department for more information.


  1. We offer a discount of 5% off the core fees of your eldest daughter when sisters are attending School together, up to a maximum of 15% when three or more sisters are in School.
  2. Fees are due in cleared funds before the start of the term to which they relate.
  3. Unpaid fees may be subject to an interest charge of, currently, 6% above base rate.

Fee remissions

Our aim is to encourage applications from candidates with as diverse a range of backgrounds as possible, as this enriches our community and is vital in preparing our girls for today’s world.

Means tested Bursaries are therefore offered to allow as many girls as possible, who meet our admission criteria, to attend QM.

Further information about means tested Bursaries is available from the Bursar via

Discounted fees in advance

The School is pleased to offer the opportunity to deposit funds with the School to offset against future fees with a discount. This will be offered on a limited basis, if you would like further information please contact the Bursar via