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Science Cafe

Science Café at Queen Margaret’s is a regular informal gathering of A level Scientists who come together with an invited guest of their choosing. Rather than a lecture, girls have the opportunity to engage in lively evenings of discussion with experts on myriad fields of Scientific study that appeals to members of the Sixth Form. Girls are responsible for organising all of the events themselves and take pride in selecting and welcoming their speakers.

Typically there are 2-4 events each year, which tend to be spread across the Lent & Easter terms. These are meant to complement the teacher-arranged Science Society lectures which take place during the Michaelmas Term. Girls involved in Science Café gain numerous skills along the way, including organising and overseeing events.

Additionally, girls gain confidence from meeting and speaking to university lecturers and researchers, allowing them to converse about scientific topics beyond the curriculum. Many find it very good practice for interviews, while the initiative and responsibility of running the events always looks very good on a UCAS form.