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Queen Margaret’s Mavericks

Queen Margaret’s Mavericks comprise of two Ladies Netball teams that girls across Years 9-13 play in on a weekly basis against other ladies teams in the York area. Matches are played twice during the season, one home and one away game.

The teams will begin in Division 6 before moving to Division 4. The teams allow girls to practice skills learned in lessons and put them into a fun, competitive game. Older girls also play with some members of staff, helping to build relationships and see one another outside the school setting in a more relaxed environment. Girls are expected to commit to one fixture a week. Lots of girls are members, allowing pressure to be kept off girls during busy times. The season runs from September to April.

The Mavericks is a great opportunity to improve netball skills while also experiencing better teams and players and learning about their tactics and techniques. This will be especially helpful for girls looking to join the senior squad.

This allows the older girls to play with some members of staff helping to build relationships and giving the opportunity to see each other outside the school setting in a more ‘relaxed’ environment.