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Arabic Club

The Arabic Club at Queen Margaret’s welcomes girls from Years 10 upwards to learn the basics of the Arabic language, including greetings and key phrases enabling each to participate in short conversations. Girls are able to familiarise themselves with the Arabic alphabet to aid in their reading and writing skills of the unique script. Meanwhile, girls deepen their understanding of the fascinating Arabic world and culture. Taking place once a week during lunchtime, the girls will spend 45 minutes per session learning, with the content of the club being flexible to what the girls would like to learn.

Arabic is the official language of 22 countries and the fifth most spoken language in the world. Learning Arabic is very rewarding and girls who master this language will have many opportunities available to them as there is a high demand and low supply of Arabic speakers in the Western world. Additionally, learning Arabic can assist in learning many other languages as Arabic influence can be seen in many different languages.