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Boarding at QM

As the only all girls full boarding school in the North of England, every girl has a bed at Queen Margaret’s. 75% of our girls are full boarders and day girls enjoy staying over every Friday evening for House activities, which makes for a very cohesive environment.

Vertical boarding arrangements can restrict the number of friends a girl can make within their own year group, which is why the horizontal boarding system at QM makes a girls’ journey through the School so special. Horizontal boarding helps our girls to bond as a year group, so supporting one another and developing lifelong friendships. Housestaff can better focus on and cater for the specific needs of an age group, after all the highs and lows of the girls in Year I in Red House are very different to those of the girls in their final year at QM in The Cottages. Each Boarding House has its own special identity, and the accommodation and facilities are age appropriate. Year I settle into School life around the Aga in a homely ‘farmhouse’ environment, whereas Upper Sixth girls have a real taste of independent living to prepare them for life after School. This means the different expectations and rules for each age group can be effectively managed.