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Finding the Perfect Fit: Why Queen Margaret's School for Girls is Ideal for Shy or Introverted Students

Where Quiet Students Thrive

Published 23rd May 2024

When searching for the right school for your child, especially if they are shy or introverted, it's crucial to find an environment where they can thrive both academically and socially. Queen Margaret's School for Girls in York is a small school that offers a unique and supportive community which caters to the needs of quieter, more introspective girls.

Alongside our academic support and excellent value-added results, mental health and wellbeing are core to the QM Experience.

A Small School Makes a Nurturing Environment for Every Girl

At Queen Margaret's, we understand that every student is unique and that each girl has her own way of learning and interacting with the world. Our small school size with under 300 girls ensures that no one gets lost in the crowd. This intimate setting allows for strong, supportive relationships to form between students and staff, creating a safe and nurturing environment where every girl can feel seen and valued.

Small Class Sizes for Personalised Attention

One of the standout features of Queen Margaret's is our small class sizes. This allows our dedicated teachers to provide personalised attention to each student, helping them to grow academically and gain confidence in their abilities. In a smaller class, shy and introverted students can engage more easily, without the intimidation that often comes with larger groups or from co-educational environments. Girls have the opportunity to express themselves, ask questions, and participate in discussions, all of which contribute to their personal and academic growth.

Strong Community and Close Friendships

At Queen Margaret's, we pride ourselves on our strong sense of community. The close-knit environment means that students form deep, lasting friendships, whether they are boarding students living on-site, day students, or flexi boarders who stay for a number of nights each week.

These bonds provide a vital support network, helping shy and introverted girls feel more comfortable and secure. Our students know that they are part of a community that cares about them, which creates a sense of belonging and boosts their confidence.

Ongoing Commitment to Wellbeing and Mental Health

Queen Margaret's has a longstanding commitment to student wellbeing and mental health, recognised through several prestigious awards. We are proud to have won the Small Independent School of the Year 2023 and the Independent School of the Year for Student Wellbeing 2021. Additionally, our efforts in creating a bully-free environment have been acknowledged with the Bronze Award by the Anti-Bullying Alliance. Our outstanding mental health and wellbeing provision has also earned us the Boarding School Mental Health Award from the Carnegie Centre of Excellence for Mental Health in Schools.

Personal Tutoring System

Another key aspect of our supportive environment is our personal tutoring system. Unlike many schools where students are part of a large tutor group, each student at Queen Margaret's sees their tutor individually on a weekly basis. This one-on-one interaction allows for a more personalised and focused mentoring experience. Tutors get to know their students well, understanding their strengths, challenges, and personal goals. This system ensures that every girl receives the guidance and support she needs to flourish both academically and personally.

PASS Department: Providing Additional Support

Our Progress, Achievement & Student Support (PASS) department plays a crucial role in supporting students who may need extra help. The PASS team works closely with students to identify their individual learning needs and to provide tailored support strategies. Whether it's academic challenges, emotional support, or social skills development, the PASS department is dedicated to helping each student overcome obstacles and achieve their full potential. For shy and introverted students, this additional layer of support can make a significant difference in their confidence and academic success.

A Focus on Individual Growth

We believe that every girl should have the opportunity to be herself and to grow in her own way. At Queen Margaret's, we encourage our students to pursue their interests and passions, whether they lie in academics, arts, sports, or other extracurricular activities. This focus on individual growth helps each girl to develop her unique talents and to gain confidence in her abilities.

Support for Bullying Victims

For girls who have experienced bullying in the past, Queen Margaret's offers a safe haven. Our supportive community and attentive staff work diligently to ensure that every student feels safe and respected. We have zero tolerance for bullying and are committed to fostering a positive, inclusive environment where every girl can thrive.

Excelling Academically and Beyond

Our emphasis on personalised attention, supportive relationships, and tailored support means that students at Queen Margaret's often excel academically and beyond. Shy and introverted girls can flourish in our environment, gaining the confidence to achieve their full potential. Our graduates leave Queen Margaret's not only with excellent academic results but also with the self-assurance and skills needed to succeed in all areas of life.

Life at QM

Queen Margaret's School for Girls in York offers an exceptional environment for all students and especially those who may be shy or introverted. Our small size, personalised attention, strong community, and focus on individual growth create a space where every girl can thrive. With the added support of our PASS department and personal tutoring system, we ensure that each student receives the individualised care and guidance she needs.

If you are looking for a school where your child can feel safe, supported, and empowered to be herself, Queen Margaret's is the perfect choice.

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