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Upper Sixth Study Leave

Good Luck UVI!

Published 19th May 2022

This week is the last one in school for our upper sixth form before they embark on study leave and take their A Level examinations.

We've seen celebratory assemblies, fancy dress, meals, and a real sense of community over the last week.

Mrs Claire Nadin wrote the following message to the girls.

"It has been the last week of formal lessons for the UVI before they start their A levels and embark on life after QM. As you will be aware they have had such a challenging time this year, but as a result, they are a very close-knit year group who care for and support each other. I have been amazed by the courage they have shown. The bond they share as a cohort is evident, and I know they have all made friendships that they will take with them for life.

What I love about this UVI is their sense of fun and zest for life. This has been shown this week where they have taken it on themselves to have different theme days; ranging from 'bringing the lads to QM' day ( not literally!), 'pink' day, 'fancy dress' day, and they finished today back in their old school uniform!

We started the week with a final assembly, looking back over their time at QM, and we shared a UVI breakfast yesterday where the catering team provided freshly baked pain au chocolat, croissants and cinnamon swirls.

We wish all the girls the best of luck in their A levels - we will miss them so much as a year group and look forward to hearing about all their successes and welcoming them back as OMs in the future."

Mrs Claire Nadin, Senior Tutor - Sixth Form

Upper Sixth Study Leave Begins

Head Girl and fellow Upper Sixth Former Emily also wrote the following message:

"Wagwan Weekly Window! As the Upper Sixth embarked on our final week of lessons, it seemed only right to go out with a bang!

The week started with our last assembly, to which Mrs Baillie walked up the stairs onto the stage to find the whole year dressed as roadmen (with the exception of Eleanor as Harry Styles and Caragh the American Football player). Unfortunately, the Classics and Spanish oral exams on Tuesday forced us back into our usual Sixth Form attire.

Wednesday saw a spectacular sea of pink in Chapel because as both Chaplain and Karen Smith (Mean Girls) say, ‘On Wednesdays we wear pink!’. On Thursday we turned to fancy dress; costumes included Lily as a sumo wrestler, numerous nuns, and Hattie the unicorn.

Finally, on our last day of lessons, we wore our uniform for the first time in two years. The highlight of the week had to be watching Ava race down the aisle with bunches and her first-year backpack to take her place on the choir pew, whilst we all sang the loudest rendition of the school hymn yet.

A huge thank you to the fabulous teachers we’ve had through the years - you’ve helped us in more ways than you realise.

Finally, to the wonderful UVI, we’ve had to be incredibly tough this year, but how we’ve come together as a year group is extraordinary. The way in which each one of these girls support, encourage, and genuinely delight in each other's success is something I doubt I’ll come across in the rest of my life. So to the girls - thank you."

Emily (UVI), Head Girl

Upper Sixth Study Leave Begins
Upper Sixth Study Leave Begins
Upper Sixth Study Leave Begins

We wish the UVI the very best of luck in their A Level examinations and look forward to seeing them back for Speech Day and the Summer Ball.

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