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Theatre For Spanish Language Students

Spanish Theatre at QM

Published 18th February 2022

Just a few weeks after Onatti Productions visited QM to give a brilliant live performance of "Mon Père Ne Me Comprend Pas" (entirely in French), they came back for a second production - this time in Spanish!

Presented by professional Spanish actors, "En El Campanento" was enjoyed by our students that study Spanish, as well as several members of staff.

Two friends go on a camping trip. After a train and taxi ride they arrive at the campsite and realise it is not exactly what they were expecting and they are totally unprepared. No mobile reception and no food turns friendship into friction! - Onatti Productions

Our students and staff really enjoyed the performance with its funny and engaging story, and there was plenty of audience participation!

The actors also stayed afterwards for a quick Q+A, in both Spanish and English.

To help celebrate the Spanish theme, our Catering Team put on a fantastic Spanish lunch (including a rather delicious paella in the opinion of this Digital Marketing Manager).

18th February 2022 - Spanish Lunch at Queen Margaret's School for Girls
18th February 2022 - Spanish Lunch at Queen Margaret's School for Girls

Onatti Productions makes plays and films exclusively for young people learning foreign languages. The language is delivered clearly, and the script contains lots of words and phrases which language students will have come across in class.

Find out more | Onatti Productions

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