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Academic Scholars' Presentation

Why? Why not! The Best Word...

Published 8th February 2022

Mr Grant recently asked the Academic Scholars to choose the best word in the English language, and last week they presented their reasonings in the Queen's Society.

The winner was Ayusma (LVI) with the word "Why".

Here is Ayusma's script:

Why? Why not?

I believe every great mind out there all began their journey from asking the question “why?”
One syllable, yet it initiates a discussion, a self-reflection. Helps perk up our curiosity, and guides us toward an explanation.
A simple three-lettered word, but it holds the power to start a world-scaled project. Isn’t this exactly where the beauty of words ought to lie? Short, precise, and straight to point.
“Why” is used everywhere, appearing from places like our last texts to even our current presentation. Given how many questions we ask in a day, “why” ranking within the 100 most commonly used words in English isn’t really all that surprising.
Whilst some may feel rather embarrassed or shy, frequently asking ‘why’ questions actually helps us engage more on the topics when we are learning. Not only does it serve as a motivation, in fact, it even helps us remember and recall learnt information better.
It also encourages the development of a growth mindset. Something that is essential for further self-development, coming in handy both now and in the future.
I find it really fascinating how such a short word could open up so many doors of possibilities and even heated discussions between strangers. Tipping off a conversation with a mere “why would you think so?” and slowly start exchanging ideas and personal views.
The idea of such a simple word being able to induce hundreds and millions of meaningful interactions never fails to amaze me. Hence which is also why I chose “why”.

Here you can see the complete presentation from all Scholars, with all the words up for debate.

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