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SIFLO Weekend for Exeat | 28th -31st January

SIFLO January 2022

Published 3rd February 2022

Last weekend, many girls headed home for an extra long 3-day Leave Out (Exeat).

For those who stayed in school for SIFLO (Stay In For Leave Out), the weekend was packed with fun activities.

The girls went to the historic city of Oxford for a day out... well as a trip to the fantastic Warner Bros. Studio Tour London - The Making of Harry Potter.

There was also a visit to the cinema and some bowling!

Here's a summary and more photos from Pau (Year V):

"This Leave Out was from Friday to Sunday. On Friday we went to Tesco and had time to study. On Saturday we went to the movie theatre and we could choose between movies, so I watched Sing 2 with my friends and teachers.

On Sunday we headed to Oxford and then we went sightseeing, walked through the city, and went to see some of the Universities of Oxford.

On Monday we went to the Warner Brothers Studios of Harry Potter and we got to see some of the real stages they used in the movies. It felt very magical.

I really like to be with other year groups because then we make more friendship and get to learn new cultures."

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