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Talk from an OM and Oxford Scholar

Oxbridge Applications

On Monday 21st September, guest speaker and Cambridge scholar Harriet Edwards visited Queen Margaret's to discuss Oxbridge, including the application process and life inside these prestigious universities. Published 22nd September, 2021.

The universities of Oxford and Cambridge offer a first-class education recognised around the world. We encourage all girls at Queen Margaret's to challenge themselves, and part of that is to consider whether Oxbridge may be the right choice for them in the future.

Harriet Edwards is a current Cambridge scholar and former student of Queen Margaret's. We invited her to return to QM to discuss her experience of life at university, as well as the application process.

It was a fascinating session in which Harriet encouraged girls to pick A-Levels that excite and engage them, and to also consider the type of university education they may want to pursue.

She discussed the different ways of teaching and learning that Oxford and Cambridge offer, as well as the sorts of extra-curricular activities and extension work that prospective students may wish to undertake to support their applications to top universities.

The girls were given the opportunity to ask questions at the end, and we were all impressed by the mature, thoughtful questions they posed. Girls left with a feeling of excitement for the future, in addition to the knowledge that QM staff are perfectly placed to help them achieve their goals.

Emily (Head Girl | Year UVI) writes:

"The 6th form were lucky to have OM Harriet Edwards come in to discuss her experience applying to, and studying at Oxbridge. Harriet gave an insightful overview of her experiences, and student life reading Music at Robinson College, Cambridge.

She offered advice ranging from writing personal statements, to choosing a college/open application and succeeding at an interview. We then had the opportunity to ask Harriet some questions, all of which she answered with great clarity, giving very useful guidance.

The talk was incredibly helpful - the 6th form came away with all of their questions answered, and lots to think about when it comes to their own university applications."

Nathene (Year UVI) also attended the talk, and speaks of her future aspirations.

"I am currently refining my personal statement by seeking advice from seasoned professionals and fellow early applicants. I plan on applying for Biomedical Sciences and am undertaking Psychology, Biology and Mathematics as A-Levels.

Harriet Edwards renewed my interest in Oxford, because a highly intensive academic program would suit me well. I gained a deeper understanding of the collegial system from the talk, which soothed my anxieties regarding the maintenance of a healthy social life at university."

About Harriet Edwards

Harriet is a former student of Queen Margaret's. She took a mix of both Arts and Science subjects at A-Level, and is now in her third year studying Music at The University of Cambridge as a choral scholar for her college.

As well as being actively involved in college life, Harriet is involved in the wider musical and theatrical life of the university in general. Harriet is actively involved in outreach work at The University of Cambridge. As a 'Cam-bassador', she is very keen to help anyone that thinks an Oxbridge application might be for them, and to encourage them to give it a go.

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Find out more

The closing date for Oxbridge applications is fast approaching - 15th October 2021.

We support all girls considering an Oxbridge application. Click to find out more about our Oxbridge Application Process.

Follow the links below to find out more about applying to Oxford or Cambridge Universities.

Oxford University - Applying as an Undergraduate
Cambridge University - Applying

OM Harriet Edwards visits QM to talk about Oxbridge applications
OM Harriet Edwards visits QM to talk about Oxbridge applications

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