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British Boarding School Experience

English as an Additional Language (EAL)

Studying at a British boarding school is an unforgettable experience for our international students, so we make sure we provide the language support they need to make the most of every opportunity during their time with us.

We understand that every girl joining QM from overseas will have different experiences of speaking English. This means that we make sure all students who study English as a second language complete a two-stage assessment as part of their application process, followed by a screening on arrival by our expert EAL teachers. This allows us to tailor each girl’s timetable for their own learning and development goals, and helps them work to a standard they are comfortable with.


Years 7 - 9 (11+)EAL Grammar Test (20 minutes)
EAL Writing Task (30 minutes)
Years 10-11 (14+)EAL Grammar Test (25 minutes)
EAL Writing Task (40 minutes)
Years 12 - 13 (16+)EAL Grammar Test (25 minutes)
EAL Writing Task (60 minutes)

Here you can find more information on our assessment process.

EAL Lessons

Students joining us from the EEA (European Economic Area) who require EAL support will be able to choose a timetable to suit their level of ability on arrival; these lessons are added to the fees issued at the end of each term and can be tailored to group, paired or individual sessions, as with other additional activities.

For non-UK/EEA students with English as their second language, our Full Boarding fee now includes all EAL support upfront, with no limit on the number of lessons per week.

External Examinations

Provision is made for girls to study for examinations in their native language where this is desired, and many of our international girls take both GCSE and A Level in their own language.

You can read about the subjects studied at GCSE and A Level here - Queen Margaret's Curriculum.

If you are looking to study a language as a native speaker which is not represented on this page, do get in touch with our Admissions Team to discuss the possibility of external examination:

Read more information about how to apply here - Overseas Application Process.

Pupils’ knowledge, skills and understanding across all areas of learning are excellent. Teachers have high expectations and strong subject knowledge, and they use this expertise effectively to help pupils improve their work.

ISI Inspection Report (2019)

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