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A talk for parents and students

The RAP Project Visits QM

Allison Havey of the RAP Project (Raising Awareness & Prevention) visited QM to talk to our girls and parents about personal safety, relationships, and the challenges of modern technology. Published 8th October 2021.

RAP Project - Talk for Students and Parents

Allison Havey is co-founder of The RAP Project (Raising Awareness and Prevention). She visited QM to give a series of presentations to students and parents about the many issues of modern personal life; including social wellbeing, online safety, and sexual awareness.

Allison delivered her presentations with age-appropriate content, linking together the many facets of modern life that students will encounter.

'Digital Natives' - designed for our girls in Years I - III and focusing on a better understanding of the digital world and personal safety online.

'Social Skills' - navigating social media and relationships in real life.

'Altered, Airbrushed and Unrealistic' - a study of how body standards on TV and online can be an unrealistic representation of real-life.

'The Big Leap' - specifically designed for UVI pupils who may soon be transitioning to University, a GAP year, or an apprenticeship.

Students engaged very positively, and Allison gave essential advice about the situations they face now, as well as what they may face in the future.

Delivered with an open and honest approach, Allison put the limelight on a range of (age-appropriate) issues including consent, sexual assault, rape, and being aware of the dangers of alcohol (as well as having a realistic and sensible approach towards it in the future).

Allison also covered issues of wellbeing, such as how social media, reality TV, and online pornography can warp standards, create insecurities, and damage self-esteem.

RAP Project - Talk for Students and Parents at Queen Margaret's School

Rather than shying away from these issues, the talks were an acceptance that these are real concerns, and that they do make an impact on people's lives. Being educated and informed on the matters is a real step forward for tackling them in real life.

All of our students found something to take away from the talks and apply to their everyday lives - even if, in immediate practical terms, that is as simple as re-evaluating how they accept the reality of digital lives and their own 'digital tattoo'.

Watch the talk

Allison also gave a recorded video presentation, designed to empower the parents and guardians of students aged 11-18.

This talk gave advice to parents about how to navigate these issues and talk about them with their children.

You can watch the parent talk by following this link:

An overview of our Social Skills to reflect children aged 13-18

Note: a password will be required to view. Parents will be sent this in a separate communication.

About RAP

RAP is an organisation delivering RSE and Sexual citizenship workshops to pupils, parents, and teachers in over 250 schools throughout the UK and abroad.

Since establishing The RAP Project in 2012, their core messages have remained the same: They believe students should know the legal definitions of sexual offenses; practice 'Mutual Respect and Mutual Consent’, and be literate of how social media and online media influence attitudes, expectations, and body image - with all sessions being delivered in an age-appropriate manner.

Allison Havey is a former international news journalist and Deana Puccio, her co-founder, is a former sex crimes prosecutor from Brooklyn.

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