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The Cranedale Centre Trip

LVI Biology Trip

Published 22nd June 2023

On Monday, LVI Biology went to The Cranedale Centre for an incredible opportunity to learn more about the biodiversity of the UK and how we can discover more about it.

We started by sampling a few deceptively empty village streams which turned out to be brimming with all sorts of life, from bloodworms and larvae to freshwater shrimp and crayfish so big you could probably use them for your dinner!

That evening, the centre served us a delicious three-course dinner which everybody loved, before we set out again to lay several traps for insects, moths and small mammals. We left these out overnight and returned in the morning to find a whole array of strikingly beautiful moths and also one little woodland mouse who we dubbed ‘Jerry’.

In the afternoon, although the weather had turned on us, we ventured out to Bempton Cliffs where we were lucky enough to see some beautiful birds, including Kittiwake chicks and a Puffin! Then, despite the rain pounding in our faces, we walked along Filey Brigg and took some samples of the coastline where we found everything from seaweeds and barnacles to anemones and crabs.

All in all, every one of us thoroughly loved the trip and would absolutely love to go back. Big thanks to Mrs Rowan and Mr Hazlewood for taking us all!

Freya Cowen (LVI)

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