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World Maths Day 2023

A Day Of Maths

Published 10th March 2023

Wednesday 8th March was World Maths Day. Head of Maths Mrs Viant celebrated the day with a plethora of activity.


Mrs Viant talked in assembly about approaching challenging subjects - Maths being a challenge for many, while Languages being a challenge for Mrs Viant who consequently chose to speak French, German, Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese and Japanese during the assembly.

Mrs Viant also spoke about the importance of having a growth mindset, and then announced the winners of the Curiosity Challenge...

Curiosity Challenge

Mrs Viant's Curiosity Challenge to the girls was What has maths given to the arts?

There were some fantastic in-depth entries showing real creativity. Well done to Emily (V) - 1st place, Zoe (LVI) and Emilia (I) - joint 2nd place - for your projects on architecture, music, and art respectively.

Lunchtime Puzzles

On Wednesday, the staff and students were also challenged to do mathematical 'Mindtrap' puzzles at lunchtime. See how many you can solve yourself (answers below).

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Personal Achievements

Edexcel Award

As an extra personal challenge, Greta (Year II) recently completed the Edexcel Award in Number and Measures Level 2. She sat the exam in January and scored an excellent 79 out of 80. Greta is now working on the Edexcel Award in Algebra Level 2 and will sit that exam in May. She has been working hard on past papers and is aiming for another excellent result.
If there is anyone in Year I or II who would like to challenge themselves and work towards these awards in Mathematics, then please speak to Miss McAllister.

UKMT Challenges

The United Kingdom Maths Trust Individual Challenges have happened for Intermediates (Years III & IV) and Seniors (LVI & UVI). At QM, we had a number of girls taking part, including the top sets in Years III & IV, along with our A level Mathematicians. Between them, they achieved 3 Gold, 8 Silver & 14 Bronze awards.

Amanda (Year IV) achieved a Gold award in Intermediate and has qualified for the Pink Kangaroo, which she will be taking next Thursday.
Ivana (LVI) & Alisha (UVI) both gained Gold Awards in the Senior Challenge. Ivana then took the Grey Kangaroo and Alisha tackled the 3-hour Maths Olympiad.

"The UK Mathematics Trust was founded in 1996 and our charitable aim is to advance the education of young people in mathematics.

Our biggest competitions are the Junior, Intermediate and Senior Mathematical Challenges, which have over 700 000 entries each year, and are the UK's most popular school Mathematical Challenges. We invite the highest-scoring students to take part in follow-on rounds such as the Junior, Grey, Pink and Senior Kangaroos and the Junior, Cayley, Hamilton and Maclaurin Olympiads.

We invite high scorers in the Senior Mathematical Challenge to sit the British Mathematical Olympiad Round 1, which feeds in to the training and selection of the team to represent the UK at the prestigious International Mathematical Olympiad, the annual Olympic games of mathematics, and other international competitions."

Find out more about the UKMT Challenges here.

Mindtrap Answers

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