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Dr Guy Sutton visits QM

A Level Biology and Psychology Brain Day

Published 24th February

This week, our Sixth Form Psychology and Biology students took part in a fascinating one-day introductory tutorial in neuroscience - Brain Day! We were delighted to welcome Dr Guy Sutton, Director of the educational company Medical Biology Interactive, and Honorary (Consultant) Assistant Professor at the University of Nottingham Medical School.

Dr Sutton also consults within a variety of organisations, from advising the government to training barristers and supporting the rehabilitation of offenders and hospital patients around the world - his expertise and depth of experience really shone through every session.

Lucy (LVI) and Beallatrix (UVI) told us more...

On Wednesday 22nd February, neuroscientist Dr Guy Sutton came to school to deliver university-style lectures to the A Level Psychology and Biology students. Brain Day was an intriguing and eye-opening experience. The topics discussed ranged from Forensic Psychology and the effects of drugs on the brain, to schizophrenia and PTSD.

The presentations on various aspects of the brain were informative and eye-opening. Not only did we have a brief revision on the structure and areas of the brain, but we also delved into the complexity and various fields of forensic psychology, the biological approach of viewing and expanding death and beyond, the exponential evolution of neurotechnology, and the possibility of using our phones through telepathy.

Dr Guy Sutton is a fantastic presenter; he is genuinely passionate about his area of expertise. The content not only solidified some of our A Level Biology and Psychology knowledge, but we were also able to expand our knowledge beyond the specification.

The most exciting session was the brain dissection. Having an actual brain dissected in front of us solidified our understanding and knowledge of the structures in the brain and a lot more people were more proactive in participation. The texture of the brain was a bit different than expected, it could've been the solution the brain was submerged in to preserve it, but nonetheless, it was entertaining and fascinating.

Most of my classmates and I agree that we should invite him back. Overall it was a really great day, we all learnt something new and found it very interesting.

A Level Biology and Psychology Brain Day

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