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Pitlochry Community Weekend 2023

Community Weekend

Published 10th February 2023

Harriette told us all about the Pitlochry Community Weekend.

"On Sunday 5th February, Pitlochry held its annual community weekend. This year's main event was a traditional ceilidh with a live band to assist the dancing.

Although many of us had never taken part in a ceilidh before, the band made it simple and easy to understand, so in no time at all everyone was dancing.

To the excitement of everyone, doughnuts were handed out halfway through as well as fruit juice, which made the second half even more enjoyable.

Continuing the Scottish theme, the dining room had been turned into a tartan palace complete with traditional Scottish bagpipe music.

Thank you so much to the Catering Team who cooked a delicious beef stew accompanied by haggis which was great fun to try. Overall, it was a brilliant day and thank you so much to everyone who organised it!"

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