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GCSE Business

Dragons' Den

Published 23rd November.

This week, the Year IV Business students pitched their business ideas to a panel of judges in a 'Dragons' Den' style competition. The girls formed six teams and each team was required to identify a gap in the market for a new product or service aimed at teenage girls. The teams had to present their product to the judges, explaining its USP, the market research behind it, and the promotion and price of the product. The teams had to convince the judges of the viability of their product.

Amongst the ideas were a bubble tea store, a sweet store selling candy from across the globe, a skin analyser, personalised planners, a clothes app and a 4-in-1 lamp, speaker, alarm clock and dehumidifier.

Marilis and Elisa, who pitched their idea of the candy store, really hit the brief - their USP was to include a vegan section in their store and they had thought well about their customer experience. Marta, Maria and Elvira's product, a skin analyser to help shoppers in pharmacies and make-up stores identify the right products for their skin type, was a really exciting proposition - as was the 4-in-1 lamp, speaker, alarm clock and dehumidifier pitched by Sharon and Renee. Elsa and Maria had identified a clear gap in the market with their clothes app which recommended different combinations of clothes from your wardrobe - they never want to hear their customers say they "have nothing to wear" again!

Ivy and Isabella were 'Highly Commended' by the judging panel (made up of Mrs Rhodes, Miss Roe and Mrs Sowden) for the amount of in-depth work that had gone into their bubble tea pitch. The girls had prepared a SWOT analysis, done competitor research, detailed costs and profits and they clearly understand the principles behind setting up a new business.

The winning team, made up of Maisie, Lucy and Hannah pitched a brilliant idea of personalised planners for teenagers. They fulfilled the brief well, delivered an excellent prototype and identified opportunities for future growth.

The judges all agreed it was a very close call between the teams as they had all come up with such great product ideas and delivered articulate and confident presentations. Deborah Meaden and Sara Davies may have some tough competition in the future!

Year IV Business Students
Year IV Business Students
The winning team
The Winning Team!

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