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Getting settled in

Start of Term Activities

Published 14th September 2022

With nearly 90 new girls joining us this term, it was so important that everyone felt a part of the QM Family straight away. The QM community spirit came to the fore at the start of this term as the girls enjoyed some whole-school events which really broke the ice before lessons began. On Monday 5th September, the first day of term, the whole school participated in a 'We're a Knockout' activity. Head Girl, Megan (UVI) wrote:

"The first Monday back at QM was quite a spectacular event. We started the day with a Chapel Service of Praise and Thanksgiving where new and old girls were welcomed to school, and we sang our brilliant school anthem along with other hymns. We then had year group assemblies where we discussed aims for this academic year and the school values. Before lunch, we gathered in our vertical Houses where introductions were made and we prepared for the exciting afternoon that lay ahead by practising our House chants. The afternoon brought great fun and energy to all the girls and allowed us to get to know each other in an informal and welcoming way. There were several challenges to overcome as part of the 'We’re A Knockout' fun, including battling the foam pit, the large inflatable slide and of course the queue for the ice cream van! I think it was a very fun day and made the process of meeting new people and settling back into school very enjoyable."

After getting settled into boarding houses and the first week of lessons, the first weekend of the new school term was a Community Weekend. This is another opportunity for the whole school to come together. Community Weekends are usually hosted by one of the vertical Houses or by one of the school's councils, such as the International Council or the Environment Council. During this first Community Weekend of the academic year the girls from Duncan, one of our vertical Houses, put on a special event. Noomi (LVI) tells us more;

"On Sunday afternoon we all made our way to the centenary for a surprise from Duncan House. We arrived at the Centenary Building to find a waffle stand and a milkshake stand! We could pick our own toppings, there were loads of treats. We then made our way into the theatre, to find that they had organised somebody to perform all our favourite songs to us. Tom Powell was great and sang all kinds of music genres, we all had a great time singing and dancing."

Community Weekend

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