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Staff Pantomime 2022

Oh No It Isn't!

Published 1st July 2022.

This week, the 2022 staff pantomime finally got its airing in this one-and-only live performance for students and staff!

Congratulations to the super talented Mrs Viant, who wrote and directed our merry troupe of willing (?!) actors and actresses in the mystery story, 'Once Upon A Crime'.

With a missing Red Riding Hood, several fairytale character suspects, and a not-quite-reformed Detective Big Bad (BB) Wolf, the audience was taken on a journey of intrigue as the mystery of the kidnapping unravelled.

The QM staff pulled out all the stops for their acting performances, costumes, and true commitment to the arts - giving the audience a chance to see many of them in a truly new light.

Bravo, and roll on next year's panto!

Staff Pantomime 2022