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Calling on your support

The 2022 Room

Published 24th June 2022.


Click here to see the finished project The 2022 Room.

We are delighted to announce to the wider QM Family our latest development plan for Queen Margaret's, and we call on your support to see it through to fruition.

The 2022 Room

QM plans to create a brand-new Sixth Form study centre; a place for girls to work, collaborate and prepare for the modern workplace environment.

With close consultation from our current UVI students, we have reimagined the kind of space that would better support the day-to-day pattern of learning for our Sixth Formers. The result is a new concept for how future generations of Sixth Form will study at QM.

The idea came about as the result of conversations with the UVI and further research with the LVI and Year V, who all felt a dedicated study space away from Cloisters and Cottages would be a fantastic addition to their QM Experience.

Calling on your support

The 2022 Room will be created in an unused and unloved space - the first floor above the Mountgarret Library.

The project is much more than a superficial renovation; it will require a summer-long scheme of work to fully modernise the space. It will require us to create a new entrance and staircase, a new kitchenette/coffee bar, toilets, and at the request of the girls, a dedicated space for the arts.

The current Mountgarret first-floor space
The current Mountgarret first-floor space

The result will be a stunning hub for the Sixth Form community, centrally located and styled as a modern, airy, loft-style office space with vaulted ceiling and contemporary interior.

The 2022 Room at Queen Margaret's School - Artist's Impression
Artist's impression of how the 2022 Room could look

We anticipate the project will cost £55,000. The space will be renovated by QM's own Estates Team, meaning this figure is purely for materials.

QM has already approached the parents of current Sixth Formers and Year V for support; those who will see a direct and immediate benefit to the 2022 Room. As a result of their wonderful generosity, we are now some way to raise our funds.

Now we call on the wider QM Family for your support.

Anything you can give will go directly towards the material costs for the 2022 Room, and in turn bring a direct benefit for the current LVI cohort and future generations of Sixth Formers.

Below you will find the link to a form. If you are able to consider giving a donation, we would be hugely grateful.

The case for change

The 2022 Room is named in honour of our current UVI class of 2022.

These students have not only been at the vanguard of massive changes to learning during the Covid pandemic, but they have also shown exceptional spirit, determination, sisterhood and compassion during an unprecedented period of upheaval and tragedy.

We're proud to have such girls driving this crucial project for the school.

As well as having a breakout room for meetings, girls will be able to work collaboratively around a board table, hot-desk, access individual learning pods or relax on sofas as they take a break from their studies. There will be a variety of workspaces, complete with a dedicated photography studio.

Below you can view the key design concepts for the new workspace.

The 2022 Room Design Concepts
The 2022 Room Potential Design Concepts

The 2022 Room will also better prepare our students for the modern university and work environment - both of which have transformed modern working practices in recent years.

Our students need to be comfortable delivering presentations in person and online, conducting virtual meetings, contributing to round-table discussions, as well as holding focus groups. Working independently, but amongst colleagues, is also a key skill that should be fostered before girls enter the workplace.

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