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A Musical Meet & Greet

QM Visits Pen Pals

Published 24th June 2022

Students in Years I and II have been writing to Connaught Court care home this year, culminating in an invitation to visit the home, meet the residents, and perform some music.

Miss Bale told us all about it...

We chose three topics to send three letters each over the course of the year: reflection on life years ago during the World Wars, Christmas cards, and the Jubilee. The girls put a lot of time into researching and coming up with questions to send to their pen pals, with each girl writing to a different resident.

Not everyone got a response, but we have read out the letters and responses in registration, and have begun to realise the difference this communication and connection could make to someone in a care home.

We discovered there are more than five people at the care home over 100 years old, and the girls were astounded to receive letters back from some of them!

In response to our Jubilee letters, we were thrilled to be invited to go to the care home to perform for the residents! It was a lovely afternoon and great to meet some of the pen pals in person.

A big thank you to Phil and Mr Schneider for providing transport to the care home, and to the Music department for organising the girls and some beautiful performances!

QM Visits Connaught Court Care Home

Sadie (Year I) also told us about her visit...

On Wednesday 22nd June, Years 1 & 2 visited Connaught care home for our long-awaited meeting with our pen pals.

We had practised three songs to perform for them which were… Roar - Katy Perry, We Don’t Talk About Bruno - Lin-Manuel Miranda, and The Call - Regina Spektor. Some of the group played instruments and some sang solos, and the residents were very enthusiastic with their applause which was great to see.

After the performance, we had a chance to finally meet our pen pals! I was introduced to my pen pal Maureen. She was very happy to see me and was eager to tell me all about her life!

We also talked to a number of residents throughout the afternoon and it was really interesting to hear about all the adventures that they have experienced. I really enjoyed meeting the different people, they were all very welcoming and friendly.

Thank you!

The girls gave some musical performances.

They got to meet their pen pals.

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