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Fun experiments in Science Club

Science Club!

Published 15th June 2022

The Science Club has recently been undertaking some fascinating experiments!

Mrs Free (Science Placement) told us all about it...

The Digestive System!

Earlier this term in Science Club we investigated the digestive system by making our own hands-on models.

The girls started by mashing and cutting up sausages, beans, birthday cake and orange juice (Mr Dr Free's favourite meal!) to simulate our teeth chewing up food. They then added saliva before transferring the contents to their stomach (sandwich bag) and adding some stomach acid (HCl) to help break the food down further.

The girls then squashed and squeezed the contents of the bag to mimic the action of the muscles in our stomachs. By this point, it was starting to look a little gross.

The next step was neutralising the stomach acid with bile (washing up liquid) and transferring the contents to some intestines (made using tights).

The girls then squeezed the contents of the intestines to remove water and any small molecules leaving only the... well you can probably use your imagination... behind.

All the girls were brilliant and got really stuck into it; even if they did need to have rather strong stomachs themselves!

Science Club Experiments
Science Club Experiments

Freezerless Ice Cream

Last week in Science Club, we showed the girls how to make their very own ice cream, without using a freezer (or ice cream maker) to help them!

The girls used a mixture of salt and ice to cool down some strawberry milk to sub-zero temperatures. By constantly churning the milk with their hands, they were able to make sure no big crystals of ice formed, and the result was a yummy strawberry ice cream; if not a lovely refreshing milkshake.

Well done to all girls! There are various ways of doing this, so why not see if you can find your own recipe and give it a go. Just remember to get the gloves out first!

Science Club Experiments
Science Club Experiments

If you'd like to join the Science Club, the Science department is more than happy to get you started. All are welcome to join and enjoy trying out fun and exciting experiments.

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