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Red House Escape Room

Escape Room

Published 8th June 2022

QM's Head Monitor Emily (Year IV) recently organised a fantastic Escape Room experience for the girls in Red House. She tells us all about it...

"On Tuesday 7th June, I held an Escape Room for Red House in Wenlock Library (the perfect setting for Sherlock’s rooms at 221B Baker Street!).

To start the evening off, the girls were given a scroll containing the first bit of information about the case they would be solving and the first clue.

They then entered into the escape room with the whole of Wenlock Library set up to look like Sherlock’s house, with Victorian ambient sound effects and music playing in the background, and a 30-minute timer ticking away.

The girls were faced with modified versions of Caesar ciphers, maths ciphers, cylinder ciphers, invisible ink clues, muddled up words with scrabble letters, keys to opening chests, cracking a safe, hidden chests and clocks, and instructions to flick through random books to find more clues!"

The evening was a great success. Well done Emily for your fantastic initiative and organisation!

Escape Room for Red House
Escape Room for Red House
Escape Room for Red House

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