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GCSE Food Prep

Roast Dinners

Published 20th May 2022

Demonstrating fantastic culinary skills, this week the Year lV GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition class cooked a complete roast chicken dinner in their lesson.

They learnt how to establish when chicken is cooked, practised their knife skills by preparing carrot batons in a honey glaze, and they made perfect mashed potatoes with an accompaniment of pork stuffing balls and chicken gravy. There was even a vegetarian alternative with a savoury roll!

"It was a fabulous lesson and the group really gained a lot from it. They learnt about food core temperature control and how to ensure everything is served hot at the same time. After cooking perfect meals, the girls also practised their plating skills, ensuring their food looked as good as it tasted."

- Sarah Clark, Teacher of Food Technology/Leiths

Well done to all the Year IV Food Prep & Nutrition students. Your families are lucky to have such accomplished chefs!

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