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Dance and Sports Dinners

Dance and Sports Dinners

Published 6th May 2022

This week we've had two celebratory summer evenings in Wenlock Library for the Dance Department and the Sports Department.

Sports Department Dinner

The annual Sports Dinner was a celebration of achievements and commitment to the school.

Mrs Rastall tells us more...

"The Wenlock library was a fitting venue for our "Blue, White and Red" themed Sports Awards Evening as we celebrated our Senior players' achievements from the past year, as well as their contribution to QM sport over the last seven years.

A beautiful summer evening enabled pre-drinks and group photos on the wenlock terrace with our UVI...

*credit to Sixth Form Photography student Lily for the great photos

... and some fun photos before the dinner...

LVI and Year V joined the UVI and staff for a two-course dinner which was enjoyed by all, featuring an entertaining "guess who" baby pictures quiz of Captains and the sports department members. Some photos were a little more difficult to guess from the 22 pictures!

Each sport then gave an overview of the season with awards being presented to Player of the Year, Most Improved, Player's Player and Captain's award."

- Jill Rastall, Assistant Director of Sport

Mrs Rastall opened the proceedings of the evening, paying homage to the hard work, commitment and excellence of the girls in their performances during the year. She concluded her speech with the following heartfelt message to the girls.

"Please do not see this as an end to your sporting journeys. Sport brings all these qualities alongside the health and wellbeing benefits that we have all become so much more aware about over the past couple of years. To those going to university: join a team or a society, make new friendships, and continue to cherish those that you have made at QM.

To those of you who are staying at QM: take this opportunity to reflect on what sport gives you, how much you missed it, and how great it has been to take the first steps to getting back into it this year. Next year we will continue to grow, evolve and develop, to help you nurture your love of sport and physical activity.

To our leavers: you all have the confidence to continue to benefit from sport whether this is at participation, university, or at club level. Don’t forget each other, and don’t be a stranger to QM. Take every opportunity that comes your way.

Some of you need to believe more in yourselves, and to realise and appreciate that you do possess talent and skill in abundance; you do have a gift, so don’t waste it, whatever it may be!

Please Dream, as Dreams do really come true. I promise!"

The evening concluded with Ellie's Sports Prefect speech which reflected her time here at QM; a very entertaining poetic speech with special moments the UVI will treasure.

Ellie gave us these parting thoughts about the evening...

"After what seems like a very long time due to the pandemic, we were delighted to be able to have this evening back again as there was a lot to be celebrated.

We had a lovely evening with the theme being red white and blue for Team GB, plus a sporting accessory. The best dressed I must say was Evie who, in her union jack dress, was "sporty spice".

Well done to all girls (and staff!) who won awards for their sporting achievements over the past years.

Although she unfortunately could not attend, I would just like to say thank you to Ms Davies who has been an absolute star and an amazing, motivating and lovely member of the sports department who has supported so many girls for the past 7 years.

A big thank you must also go to Mrs Rastall for working so hard to pull this together, it really paid off. You are amazing!"

- Ellie (UVI), Sports Prefect

Dance Celebration

"The Dance Department also had their annual celebration in the form of an energetic Ceilidh on Tuesday 3rd May and a fantastic time was had by all.

We were lucky to have the fantastic Aluinn Ceilidh Band playing and calling the dances for us. We also had beautifully prepared dessert treats from our Catering Department which kept us sustained throughout the evening.

Our Dance Prefect Grace (UVI) gave words of advice in her Speech: "I have been dancing for my full 7 years at QM and have taken every opportunity to dance all different styles. I have enjoyed it all, you are all amazing. Keep dancing and enjoying the shows too."

- Alison Leadley, Head of Dance

Dance Department Summer Celebration 2022

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