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Model United Nations

MUN Conference

Published Tuesday 29th March 2022.

The QM Model United Nations (MUN) Society attended a three day conference at Haileybury School last weekend.

Lauren (UVI) tells us about the conference...

"We set off from QM on Friday morning to Harlow where the MUN conference was being held. On Friday evening we attended the opening ceremony followed by informal lobbying with the delegate UN countries. This was a great way to get to know everyone and the views of their countries before the main debates of the weekend. We returned to our hotel to do some further research ahead of the upcoming conference.

On the Saturday and Sunday we participated in debates on the resolutions of the questions for our respective committees and then came to the necessary conclusions surrounding these topics which were then later debated for a final time in the General Assembly.

Overall it was an extremely enjoyable trip, from the formal debates to stealing fellow countries flags(!). All of us would recommend attending an MUN conference to other girls."

MUN Conference
MUN Conference
MUN Conference

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