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Textiles and Classical Civilisation

Paper Creations

Published 10th February 2022.

Our girls have been making some impressive creations as part of their Textiles and Classical Civilisation work this week.

The Year 3 Textiles class completed their paper garment challenge - they were required to make pieces using recycled and scrap paper from the Art Department, and also newspapers, tape and pins. The girls began with experiments into how many different ways they could fold a small square of paper, then took to Pinterest for inspiration. Three weeks later - these fantastic creations emerged!

Paper Textiles Garments
Paper Textiles Garments

Meanwhile, the Year IV Classicists made their own Pantheon temples for prep. As part of their GCSE in Classical Civilisation, the girls look at how to use evidence from art and archaeology to find out about the past.

Pantheon Models

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