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Summer Internships with InvestIN

Published 15th September 2021

During the summer, UVI students Fatemeh (Year UVI) and Naima (Year UVI) took up bursary places on 5-day InvestIN virtual internships as part of QM's partnership programme with the organisation.

Fatemeh writes:

During my Young Dentist internship I got a really clear insight into the profession and all the skills required.

Sessions involved dental technology, the UCAT exam, UCAS applications and alternative routes into dentistry. This was a very helpful opportunity that gave me a better vision for my future.

Each day was very different and the programme was amazing at getting young people involved by answering and asking questions. This amazing opportunity has directed me to a smoother path for my career.

Naima writes:

During my Young Investment Banker internship I had the opportunity to learn from and engage with a variety of like-minded students and professionals from across the globe. They were specialised in fields such as sales, trading, research, asset management, private equity and capital markets.

I grasped a better understanding of specific skills and experiences required to take on each of these demanding roles. Overall, it was an incredible learning experience.

What is InvestIN?

InvestIN is a work placement organisation that provides students the opportunity to experience their dream career before they've left school.

With tailor-made programmes, participants can gain real-life insights into the sector of their choice. This is delivered either through a short weekend masterclasses to provide a taste of their chosen sector, through to summer experiences for a fully immersive experience - either virtually or in person.

InvestIN also assists with career simulations, interactive activities, site visits, personalised career guidance, and 1:1 networking opportunities.

Featuring industry-leading professionals from world-class organisations across a huge variety of sectors, InvestIN ensures that students gain the best career advice and first-hand experience. This will allow them to make positive decisions about their future career from the very start.

Find out more

Learn more | InvestIN - Career Placements & Development

To find out more about QM student placements with InvestIN, please contact Nicola Onyett, Head of Careers, HE and Project Qualifications.

Published 15th September 2021

investIN - Career placements, development, and guidance
investIN - Career placements, development, and guidance

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