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SIFLO (Exeat) - Autumn 2023

Stay In For Leave Out

Published 6th October 2023

Last weekend was our exciting SIFLO (Stay In For Leave Out) weekend for those boarding students who stayed at school during exeat.

The weekend featured pizza, bowling, laser tag, eating out, shopping at the York Designer Outlet, visiting the York city centre, and more!

Below is a lovely write-up from Carmen (Year V).

“Our weekend at SIFLO was wonderful. We had a good time with friends doing very fun activities. We started on Friday moving from our home to Wenlock, where we were divided into rooms. We were all going with friends. After settling into the rooms, we went down to have pizza for dinner, you could choose the flavour you wanted. They were very good.

As soon as we finished dinner we went to laser tag. It was super fun and we had a good time. We were against some other children whom we beat. And then we came home late so we went straight to our rooms.

The day after we could wake up later, which we loved, and then we went to breakfast. At around 12, we went to York to the food festival. There was a huge variety of food and products. Everything was delicious.

Afterwards, we divided into groups and had a few hours of free time around the city to go shopping, visit, go have a hot drink. I really like that they leave us a little free time sometimes. Afterwards, we all got together to do pottery painting - what a fun activity! I had never done it before and I was very surprised, we loved it.

And to end our super day we went to dinner at an incredible Chinese restaurant. We went a little overboard with the food, but everything was so delicious and of such good quality. Then we returned home, had time to get changed, get comfortable, and go to sleep.

On our last day, we woke up super late since breakfast was optional and you could go straight to brunch. We had a great brunch. Then we headed to the bowling alley. We had a great time, it was super funny. Although my equipment was very bad, it didn’t matter.

To continue, we went to the Designer Outlet and they gave us free time again to see stores or do whatever we wanted. To end our wonderful weekend they let us choose which restaurant in the Outlet we wanted to go to for dinner. We chose Five Guys, a very good choice, it was delicious and we ended up very full. And finally, we went back to school and picked up our things to go back to our homes.

It was an incredible weekend. We want it to be repeated since we did very entertaining activities. We greatly appreciate the great weekend we had. Waiting for the next Leave Out.“

SIFLO Autumn 2023

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