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QM Diploma

The QM Junior and Senior Diplomas provide opportunities to challenge, inspire and assist you in fulfilling your ambitions and achieving your potential during your time at the School.

The Junior Diploma involves students in Key Stage 3. Girls in Year I first work towards a Bronze level and in Year II they work towards Silver. Whilst the Senior Diploma is undertaken in Key Stage 5.

Both the Junior and Senior Diplomas involve students being challenged to achieve at least one element from each of the five sections of the Diploma during a two year time frame. Each of the five sections of the Diploma are integrally linked with the School's aims which are that each and every girl at QM will achieve excellence inside and outside of the classroom; develop an enthusiasm for independent thought, learning and research; grow with emotional maturity, social awareness and respect for individuality and difference; forge special friendships that will stay with them for the rest of their lives and be interesting, well-informed, happy and confident members of the community.

Studying for the Senior QM Diploma gave me the chance to demonstrate my commitment to helping the community in which I live. The experience was both fun and rewarding.

QM Girl

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