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Introducing Catherine Marx, Queen Margaret's Board of Governors

Catherine Marx

Queen Margaret's Board of Governors. (External Relations Committee).

Educated as a full boarder from age 11-18 at the Convent in Richmond, Catherine went on to study at Warwick University to qualify as a teacher of P.E and Maths. In 2004 Catherine joined Gabbitas as Head of the Guardianship Department and was quickly appointed to the Board of Directors after 3 months. She moved on to head up a merged Schools Advisory and Guardianship Department and then, after 5 years, was appointed as Managing Director of the Company. In 2001, fed up of the London commute, Catherine started her own small Consultancy based from her home in Buckinghamshire. Still going strong, they now have a team of consultants who advise families on all aspects of UK education from school to university.

Pupils achieve a high level in the wide range of competitions, activities and creative and physical pursuits that are open to them outside the classroom, because both participation and excellence are encouraged by school leaders.

ISI Inspection Report (2019)

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