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What’s it like being a part of St Aidan’s?

In St. Aidan’s we pride ourselves on great relationships in the house, and supportive upper school students who help the lower school students to be part of our team. The girls meet on a Friday night and work together in teams doing activities against the other houses, which is great for their integration, teamwork and leadership skills! There are numerous activities throughout the year that involve the full house working together, most notably Fun Song and Soft Song, and many more besides including music and sports competitions, fashion shows, and of course Sports Day. The House have regular dinners together at Christmas and on our House Birthday featuring games, great food and a great time for all.

What sort of activities and events do girls experience as part of St Aidan’s?  

We usually begin with Fun Song, an absolute hair-raiser of an activity that brings the girls together working on their outrageous costumes, their fantastic dance moves and their angelic (sometimes) singing. The girls perform on a raucous night towards the end of term. Hot on the heels of this will be our Christmas event, which has varied in recent years, but again brings the girls together for a Full House competition of some kind.  This pattern then continues, and we take part in one major event each half term; this is interspersed with various smaller individual events  for which the girls can volunteer and contribute to our overall total of House Points. At the end of the year we have Sports Day, and finally we try to take the girls on a House night out, either bowling or to a restaurant to celebrate the year.

Why should girls be part of St Aidan’s?

Because it’s fun! There is much to do at Queen Margaret’s but the House system is one area where fun is prioritised above all else. The girls learn a lot from meetings, and from the amazing events they take part in, but more than anything they have a great time, let their hair down, and get to enjoy themselves with their peers and girls from other year groups. Being in St Aidan’s gives the girls a great sense of being part of a team, and there is a fantastic opportunity for them to apply for leadership positions both in year IV as monitors and later up the school as House Captains.

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    Soft Song 2017

    Soft Song is the antithesis of Fun Song. Of course, that is not to say that it isn’t fun, rather that the criteria of the competition are about the quality of singing and communication. There is not a year that goes by where the girls do not exceed my expectations (to quote a well-loved School

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    Food glorious food!

      Aspiring young chefs from Years III & IV have been put to the test with this year’s QM MasterChef. With the theme of ‘Foods from Different Cultures’, girls have been roasting, baking, slow cooking and chopping their way to victory, trying to impress QM’s array of judges, who meticulously tried every single dish from

  • St Aidan’s Come Second in Fun Song

    Congratulations to St Aidan’s for coming second in Fun Song 2011. Narrowly missing the top spot the St Aidan’s crew gave a fantastic performance of Smashmouth’s 1999 hit All Star. Impressing the judges with their stella moves and energetic performance St Aidan’s really proved they were all stars!

  • St Aidan’s Win Senior Masterchef

    Congratulations to St Aidan’s who came first in yesterday’s, Sunday 13th November, Senior Masterchef Competiton. Hannah and Henrietta fought off stiff competition from the other five houses but their fillet steak, dauphinoise potatoes, pea pancake and roasted tomatoes, followed by an oozing chocolate fondant wowed judge Mrs Stanglewicz and earnt them the top spot.

  • St Aidan’s Dominate String Competition 2012

    Many congratulations go to Vivien, Henrietta and Debbie who were highly commended at yesterday’s String Competition. Two winners and two highly commended were chosen from the Year III and IV category and the Year V and above category and three of the winners were from St Aidan’s with Vivien Highly Commended, and Henrietta the winner

  • St Aidan’s House Dinner: A Smashing Success!

    On Friday 4th May the whole of St Aidan’s house got together to celebrate ‘Living Life to the Full’. Having heard great things about the other Houses’ suppers, we were looking forward to the good food and the opportunity to integrate. Mr Payton and the house captains had clearly put a lot of effort into