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I arrived at Queen Margaret’s as an overexcited 13 year old who was absolutely thrilled to finally go to Boarding School.  Although my expectations were extremely high, QM managed to live up to my hopes, and more.  The friendly atmosphere at QM is so welcoming.  It helps provide a relaxed environment for girls to work in and, above all, ensures that every individual is happy.

The energy at QM is tangible and contagious. Enthusiasm runs high through all aspects of School life and you are encouraged to give all sorts of things a go outside the normal curriculum.  It does not matter if you have not done them before. Art, History and Sport are my true areas of interest and by coming to QM I have received the upmost support from all my teachers, who have helped me grow in confidence and perform to the best of my ability.  The School has provided me with an education that I will be forever thankful for and has helped me to accomplish things I never thought I could.

As I move into Upper Sixth, I am looking forward to giving back to the School and also making sure that every girl has the same happy experience at QM as I have had.  I feel both privileged and excited to take on the role of Deputy Head Girl and hope that during my time I can help promote even greater bonds and friendships throughout the School.