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Throughout primary school I was always slightly in awe of Queen Margaret’s, and every time I visited I wondered about what life would be like as a QM girl. When I finally arrived in Year II, all the things I had imagined became a reality and the rate and ease at which I settled in was a pleasant surprise. I received wonderful support from everyone.

The opportunities given to me throughout my QM journey have been truly one of a kind; whether in art, academia, sport, even in Harry Potter Club! I believe that every young girl should benefit from the same opportunities.

I cannot describe to you the ‘typical QM girl’, as there is no such thing. Everyone in the QM family is encouraged to be different in their own way and the talents and interests are countless. However one thing we all share is enthusiasm for life and compassion for each other. It is clear that QM provides new perspectives on the world, allowing us to achieve the impossible. I certainly feel that I have.

I’m so grateful to QM for what it has done for me in the past few years and I can’t wait to give back my support and help the community around us, but most importantly to help other girls achieve their dreams too. I feel privileged to be part of this extraordinary network of girls and staff, I will never forget the years that I have spent here.