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Deputy Head Girl


I started at Queen Margaret’s in Year I, with a slightly daunting and intimidating road ahead of me and not knowing anybody else in my year, an 11 year old Phoebe started to worry. However, QM was quick to counteract this with immediate support and reassurance from housemistresses, teachers and my fellow peers. Everyone was so kind and encouraging. I really think QM nurtures a community which helps girls to mature, not only in their studies but also emotionally within their year groups, and I have really loved growing up amongst the family-like spirit that the whole School embodies.

As I start my last year here at QM, faced with both apprehension and excitement, I’d like to take a moment to look back at all the opportunities QM has given me. From the enormous amount of clubs and activities on offer, to adventures abroad, it’s fair to say you’re never short of something to do and there has not been a dull moment in the six years I have been here. As well as having a desire for learning fuelled by the excellent teaching at QM, I have learnt to broaden my horizons and get involved in as much as possible to truly benefit from the immense amount of opportunities life has to offer. Whether your spotlight is on stage, in the pool or in the fashion show, you’re never far from something to excel in.

It’s a huge honour to be given the role of Deputy Head Girl and have the chance to represent and give back to the School which has helped and supported me so much.