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Academic | Posted 30.03.2017

Year IV’s Business Trip

Year IV recently went on a trip to Leeds to experience and learn about two different businesses. First we visited Perry Clothing, a textiles company. Here we viewed all of the different materials and machines used in a textiles business. Perry Clothing make school uniforms for independent schools, particularly the blazers and they also make club blazers for sports clubs. They have recently won a contract to provide the Cambridge Blue Blazer for the Cambridge University Rowing Team.  It was particularly interesting to learn about the times when their business is in high demand, which is during the months leading up to and including September. At this time they have to employ temporary workers to meet the increase in demand. We also learned about the importance of health and safety when using machines. Perry Clothing has grown substantially and is going from strength to strength.

The next place we visited, McDonald’s, is always a favourite! We were given a tour around the restaurant and we were even allowed to go into the kitchens, to see how our food is made. We learned how McDonald’s is reducing energy across its restaurants and how they are responding to environmental concerns through recycling, using sustainable ingredients and giving something back to the community through initiatives like litter picking. We spoke to Anne who is the franchisee of McDonald’s in the Leeds/Wakefield area and she explained to us about the process she went through to become a franchisee. She is just about to take on her sixth restaurant. She furthered our knowledge and understanding of how this business structure works and it was interesting to hear about Anne’s opinions and experiences. We thoroughly enjoyed the day.

A big thank you to Bernard Bunting and Nicola Chelton of Perry Clothing and Anne Wainwright and Peter Wright of McDonald’s for taking their time to host these visits and speak to us all.

By Fabienne Parkin and Natasha Clarke, Year IV.

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