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Pitlochry House | Posted 21.03.2017

Pitlochry Art Exhibition

The Pitlochry House students recently held an evening to showcase our many talents. The evening began with a tour of the upper level of the Centenary Building, where a variety of artwork by Pitlochry girls was displayed. We had collected a variety of works in different media and forms, including some fantastic colour masks inspired by African tribes created by girls in Year II. There were some portraits by Year IV girls and photography of urban life by the UVI girls. After appreciating the exhibited work, each girl was able to submit one vote to nominate a winner from the categories of lower, middle and upper School. We then proceeded downstairs into St Margaret’s Chapel for a concert in which we heard talented performances from Amelia Mohan and Isabella Mills who sang, Emily Hope and Kathy Lai on the piano, Delphine Parkin and Pak Wing Siu playing the violin, and Daphne Forbes on the viola. The evening was a huge success and gave the opportunity for the Pitlochry House girls to appreciate and celebrate each other’s talents.

By Daisy Douglas Miller, UVI, Pitlochry House Captain




DSC_0008  DSC_0003




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