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School news | Posted 22.08.2017

Pioneers Summer Camp

During the summer holidays, as part of our prize for winning the Raspberry Pi competition, Millicent Pennock, Olivia Mence and I spent the day at the Google headquarters in London for the Pioneers Summer Camp.

We were all so excited to reach the Google headquarters and when we arrived we were greeted and sent to find out what our tasks for the day would be. We were asked to make a racing buggy and a Siri box. Thankfully, Millicent had made a Siri box before so we had an expert on our team. Olivia and I haven’t been coding for very long but with the help of Millicent and the adults with us we built the buggy and nearly managed to complete the box. We met lots of new people and were interviewed on stage when all of the parents and mentors had arrived. After a long but fun day we were rewarded with a goody bag as well as a tour around the YouTube headquarters. Special thanks to our Mentor Mr Witts and to our parents for enabling us to attend.

By Megan Bainbridge, Year I.