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Academic | Posted 15.02.2017

LVI Theatre Studies Trip

The LVI Theatre Studies class recently attended an innovative production of ‘Pygmalion’ at the West Yorkshire Playhouse performed by Headlong Theatre Company.

Bernard Shaw’s classic play ‘Pygmalion’ was given a radical revival for the 21st century. Written over one hundred years ago, the social and political issues raised seem as relevant now as they were then. How much does your accent really affect your identity? What is the price of social success? What is middle class morality?

In a remarkable opening, for the entire first scene, the cast mouthed pre recorded lines in voices other than their own, which felt like listening to a badly dubbed foreign movie, but set up the play’s central hypothesis – that it is impossible to dissociate value judgments from a person’s pattern of speech.

This exciting adaptation of this literary classic incorporated amazing sound technology with brilliant acting to create a truly entertaining and poignant production.

By Georgina Deri, LVI.