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Olympic Rings 2
Academic | Posted 08.05.2017

LVI Geography Fieldwork

Last weekend saw the LVI Geographers depart for Stratford to undertake work for their Independent Investigations. The girls spent Friday evening taking in the surroundings of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and reminding themselves of how different the area had been before the widespread regeneration project. The accommodation built for the athletes has now been changed into East Village, a vibrant community of housing and independent businesses.

Saturday and Sunday were both full days exploring both the transformation in East Village and then later contrasting this with the older area of Stratford which has remained relatively unchanged in the last decade. The girls collected data on environmental quality, housing areas and pricing (a new apartment in the planned Manhattan Loft Gardens will set you back between £750,000 and £1.5million). On Saturday afternoon there was the opportunity for an hour of retail therapy in the new Westfield Centre, Europe’s largest suburban shopping centre and of course a meal in one of the 50 restaurants. Considering there are 300 shops in one place the girls returned with a modest two shopping bags between them!

One unexpected highlight of the trip for Mrs Seeney and Miss Whittle was bumping into OM, Lottie Meggitt who was Deputy Head Girl in 2011. It was great to catch up with her and she kindly agreed to participate in the girls Geography survey too.

This was the Geography department’s first trip to Stratford and overall we have been pleased with the outcomes of the fieldwork. For persistence and perseverance in their questionnaires the girls deserve an Olympic gold medal as well as another for their company and good humour, stamina (22,000 steps clocked on Saturday) and their work ethic.