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Academic | Posted 05.02.2020

From Food Miles to First Aid: Whole School PSHE Day

All QM girls participated in a whole School PSHE day this week, which covered a wide range of very engaging and thought-provoking topics. Each year group had a timetable of age appropriate sessions, from Mindfulness, LGBTQ Awareness, Politics and Hate Crime, to Study Skills, Diversity, E-Safety, and Relationship and Sex Education.

The Year I and II girls ventured into the ‘World of Work’ where they had to explore the A-Z of paid employment – from Accounting to Zoo Keeping and everything in between! Year II also received some vital basic first aid training. During a session on Food Miles, the Year III girls created a three course menu using only ingredients which are in season during a particular month of the year. The girls who chose July proposed a meal of steamed salmon and watercress, roast beef with carrots and roast potatoes, and strawberry and blackcurrant tart for dessert! This provided a very fun way for the girls to consider how they might reduce their food miles and use local produce. Year V had a fascinating lesson on lie detecting and body language, where they learned the tell-tale signs of someone telling a lie! Meanwhile, during a session on the environmental impact of disposable products, girls designed some fantastic posters on how to reduce, reuse and recycle.


The whole School PSHE days are a true collaboration where QM staff deliver lessons which provide students with some important life skills and knowledge. There was a great atmosphere across QM and girls threw themselves into the captivating array of sessions on offer, making it an extremely worthwhile day for everyone.