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Drama | Posted 11.12.2019

Beauty and the Beast

The Chapman Theatre was brought to life with the recent brilliant Senior Production of Beauty and the Beast. Glittering renditions of Disney favourites including Be Our Guest, Gaston and Belle were heightened further by extravagant dance routines choreographed by Head of Dance, Miss Leadley, and rousing orchestral accompaniment.

Our leading lady, Isobel Wilcox (LVI), gave a sweet and moving performance and impressed audiences with her beautiful singing voice. Sophie Standen and Flo Drabble (LVI) had the audience in stitches as double-act Gaston and LeFou, while Gabriella Commins (LVI) brought a tear to our eyes as the Beast. Ava Laverack, Year V (Chip), Zoe West, LVI (Mrs Potts), Isabel Burrows, LVI (Madame de la Grande Bouche), Daphne Forbes, Year V (Babette) and Florence Wills, LVI (Cogsworth) brought the story to life as the castle’s boisterous, match-making furniture, while Natascha Henderson, LVI (Lumière) lit up the stage with her wit, charm and giddy French accent. The entire cast put their heart and soul into this production, which was a real team effort, and should feel immensely proud of the high standard they achieved.

Meanwhile, backstage, a team of 15 stage crew were running the show under the guidance of Theatre Technician, Mr Schneider. Throughout each performance, students from Years II-UVI were operating sound, lights and microphones: they assisted with makeup, hair and costume and they moved complex set pieces in the dark whilst managing the vast array of props backstage to ensure everything was in the right place at the right time.

At QM, we are very lucky to have a theatre which features an orchestra pit, allowing us to underpin the performance with an outstanding musical ensemble. At the helm was Assistant Director of Music, Mr Taylor, who conducted the orchestra and singers each evening. Impressively, three of our current students and several of our alumnae played in the orchestra, demonstrating that our girls have the musical talent to keep pace with a team of professionals. The staff involved in the show couldn’t be prouder of what the girls achieved and we are very grateful for the support of staff and parents throughout.

Mary Griffin, Director of Drama