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Events | Posted 23.05.2019

A Spectacular Summer Concert

It goes without saying that QMs annual Summer Concert was the product of incredible hard work and time dedicated by the girls and staff over the course of the year. Polished musical performances do not simply come together instantly, and in ensemble performances, our girls must learn to work together as a team, taking responsibility for their own parts and also putting their trust in each other to do the same under the direction of the fantastic team of Music staff. However, this year more than ever I am acutely aware that concerts of the calibre we have enjoyed are also a product of lifelong study. Our wonderful UVI musicians have been working, some of them for the past 10 years, to reach the high standards that played such an integral part in one of our strongest concerts to date. Similarly, I was so encouraged by our Year III – V musicians who have worked through the ranks of the junior ensembles, learning their craft and now finding firm feet in the larger senior groups, and those Year I – II girls at the start of their journey who have so much to look forward to as they will grow through the years to come.

I have always taken great pride in our ability to cater to the development of each individual student in great detail – over the course of the year we fabricate performance opportunities, choose repertoire carefully and encourage each girl to grow on their own individual terms. The benefits of being a small school, however, do not limit the breadth or strength of the musical performances that our girls achieve and the Summer Concert was a perfect representation of this.

We enjoyed jazz performances and improvisations worthy of any jazz club I have been to, a phenomenal Mozart Clarinet Concerto movement by Emily Unsworth and our Chamber Orchestra and a stunning solo repertoire by Poulenc performed by Izzie Mills, Bolling by Lara Peel and Piazzolla by Amy Coates – a final performance of her winning piece as QM Young Musician of the Year – all playing repertoire that commonly features on professional recital programmes. It goes without saying that both Wind Band and Orchestra were at their finest this year under the baton of Jonathan Sage – and the sheer joy of the girls at being part of such an impactful sound was so evident. Of course, every single girl involved, from Cantiamo to the String Quartet deserves an individual mention and I wish that I had the space to do so. Instead I will make do with a heartfelt thanks to each of them for making this year’s Summer Concert such a special and exciting evening.

Huge thanks also to every one of our Music staff who works with the girls with such care and dedication, especially James Taylor and Elly Kornas, without whom there simply wouldn’t have been a Summer Concert. Last but not least, of course, to our wonderful parents who show such support for their daughters and recognise just how valuable and enriching a musical education is for young people. I will certainly remember our very first standing ovation for a long time to come! Enjoy a snapshot of footage from the concert below.

Sam Horseman, Director of Music